Happy Hour in FiDi: Cedar Local


Tucked in a narrow part of Cedar Street in the financial district, this gem offers a fantastic cocktail menu, upbeat music, and quite the crowd between 5-8 PM daily. 


The menu is split into “Old Money” and “New Money” cocktails; a clever differentiation between classic recipes and adventurous ones. Gin, rye, and scotch dominate the former category, and house bitters and syrups make the latter my favorite. You’ll explore flavors like pine, rosemary, chili, cinnamon, cardamom, and cucumber that make it a happy hour to remember.

Cedar local also features delicious small plates to snack on, like fries with brown sugar and chili powder, and an amazing potato gnocchi bowl.


Average price is $14 per cocktail and $10 per small plate, and there are more hearty options featuring steak and seafood. Check them out at 25 Cedar St.

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